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PKI Services

Protect your employees, clients, and intellectual property

Every company has different needs, just as no two projects within the same company are ever the same. At Suraab Inc. we believe in the philosophy of treating every engagement as unique.

Suraab Inc. has an elite team of PKI experts who are at the forefront of the design, development, operation and maintenance of Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) that underpin organizations where they can work efficiently and safely. We have a proven track record of implementing, updating and supporting PKI solutions for large retailers, financial institutions and governments.

We work with you to develop a clear picture of your specific skills and security challenges to determine how to achieve your goal. And we can help you whether you already have a work scope or are just starting out and need help defining your project.

We address every organization’s pragmatic needs to balance security with organizational goals.

Public Key Infrasturcture (PKI)

A well-designed and implemented PKI infrastructure is critical to its long-term viability and integrity. Long before you install your first software, however, you need to be clear about your security needs. Suraab Inc. can provide you with the expertise you need to ensure your environment not only meets your needs today, but is also ready for whatever may happen tomorrow. Nobody wants to remove a critical part of their identity management solution because security has been overlooked.

Suraab Inc. can provide you with the best in class services in the following areas:

  • Requirements gathering.
  • Architecture development.
  • Detail Design development.
  • Certification Authority Key Generation Ceremony Documentation, recommendations, validations, verification.
  • Evaluate and Provide Feedback for PKI related third party hardware and software.
  • Research existing infrastructure and functionality, hardware, software and third-party products, and provide architectural guidance specific to future business and technical needs, product utilization and disaster recovery.
  • Provide procurement services for the PKI software and hardware.

Proper design and implementation are critical to the success of any PKI environment, and surprisingly many are abandoned or discontinued due to inadequate security controls and documentation. It is rare for a PKI to be downgraded to a lower security level.

PKI Health Check

We will be working with your current PKI staff and administrators to review roles, policies and procedures that outline effective governance. We will be reviewing the current architecture, design and configuration of your PKI solution, including hardware security modules (HSMs) and other integrated software.  We will provide you with a detailed report outlining any deficiencies discovered and and making recommendations for improvements or identification of risks.

PKI Maintenance

We strive to give our customers value in our service by letting them focus on the business side of the things while we take care of the PKI for them. We will be able to help you with the maintenance of your PKI environment as an example:

  • Update Architecture and Design Documents.
  • Provide deployment, update, installation and configuration services for your PKI.
  • Provide integration services for third party products with your PKI.
  • Create, update and maintain High Level Build Documents, Operations Guides, and Health Check reports.
  • Provide PKI support on an on going basis.
  • Facilitate successful resolutions of the PKI issues through effective use of the vendor support.
  • Assistance with operational tasks.
  • Assist the Project Management team in putting together the project plan for individual projects, resources requirements and timelines.

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